Some blackjack games utilize just one deck while others employ 2, 4, 6, or even 8 decks. What are the differences between single-deck and multi-deck Blackjack games? Single deck blackjack, often referred to as the “holy grail”, provides bettors with an ideal opportunity for making profits with its low house edge of only 0.15%.

Recently, online and offline casinos have implemented more decks of cards into their gambling offerings. The goal was to increase the difficulty of counting cards for players. Be wary of any illusion that playing with more cards will give you better odds. Many casinos offer 6-5 payouts for single-deck blackjack while the multi-deck offers 3:2. Casinos developed various tactics to counter multiple deck counters.

This article highlights both single-deck and multi-deck blackjack in terms of their advantages and disadvantages.


What Is Single-Deck Blackjack?

Blackjack has long been one of the most beloved casino games, combining skill with knowledge and luck. Today some casinos still offer single-deck blackjack games with certain restrictions or adjustments. The main rules can’t be altered. Therefore, gamblers must learn how to manage themselves prior to beginning each round.

Gamblers using one deck of cards for gaming may deal the same hand up to three times before shuffling begins again for another session. When using multiple decks simultaneously, dealers always aim for soft 17 in favor of the casino and no redistribution of Aces is permitted. You can play only splitting before shuffling starts up again before another session.

The single deck blackjack counting system can be of tremendous help to players. Even though its initial application was for only one deck of cards, you can use its techniques for multiple decks. Overall, single deck Blackjack can be extremely profitable if played strategically!


Single deck blackjack games boast one of the lowest house edges among casino games at just 0.15%. It is making them attractive options for gamblers who follow basic strategies and count their cards correctly.

Bettors playing one deck blackjack find it far simpler to draw accurate conclusions based on cards dealt and those likely to come their way in subsequent rounds than when using multiple decks. That is enabling the optimal use of strategy to gain an edge against casinos.


It may be difficult to locate casinos offering this variation of Blackjack. However, card counters will find this attractive. When searching in local casinos for one to play at be wary that its rules could have changed due to casinos altering them to increase their edge.

No matter how significantly the rules have been altered, gamblers may still lose more when using just one deck of cards.

What is Multi Deck Blackjack?

Many casinos utilize multi-deck blackjack in order to increase the house edge and prevent decks from taking an unfair advantage. This makes multi-decks an integral component for both bettors and casinos alike.

House Advantage varies by deck type it can be difficult to find a game table using only one deck of cards as this would likely alter the rules in favor of the casino, with each type offering its own distinct house edge.

The advantages of the house edge for each deck type are as follows:

2 Decks = 0.35%

4 Decks = 0.61%

6 Decks = 0.58%

8 Decks – 0.61%

Card counters should adapt their starting amount depending on the number of decks in their system since there is no universal standard to follow. To limit math complexity, choosing an amount that falls just short of 0 may be best.

Example: in a game using six decks of playing cards, 26 bettors may initially start betting with 30 being the score for richness. Multiple decks will take longer for players to reach this point.


Multi-deck blackjack offers more flexibility than single-deck games, enabling more rules variations and doubles on any two cards. Up to 11 can even be made simultaneously! Surrendering players are also a possible option in these variants of the game.

Online gamblers will have difficulty knowing when the decks have been shuffled, making the number of decks used significant. Since bettors cannot track this process themselves or count cards themselves, they should select bets with favorable odds to maximize profits and ensure maximum profitability.

Live Dealer Blackjack can offer some opportunities for increasing odds, yet multi-deck shoes contain 8 decks containing only 4 used in actual play. Therefore, providing only half the value to real players as real cards are from these stacks. Multi-deck blackjack can be great fun and counting may not even be necessary.


While keeping track of 52 cards may be simpler than counting multiple decks, you may need more advanced counting skills and practice for successfully playing Aces and Matches with 6-8 decks.

Multi-deck blackjack can have serious financial repercussions for both you and your bank account. As players wager more, their count can rise rapidly due to rapidly fluctuating quantities. When totaling six or eight decks together, more gradual stake increases should take place since instability will increase for everyone involved.

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